Kumkum Title Song 1 (Jeevan Kar Leta Hai Shringaar…)

Kumkum Title Song 2 (Title Song with Happy As Well As Silent Version)

Kumkum Title Song 3 (In Regular Version)

Kumkum Title Song 4 (Har Pal tumne Sanwara Hai…)

Kumkum Title Bg Chorus Version Song (La La La…)

Kumkum Title In Flute Instrumental Version Song

Kumkum Title Song Silent Version (Dur Na Ho Jaaye Hum Tumse Tum Humse…)

Pyari Pyari Surat Hai Meethi Meethi Boli Hai… (Silent Version of Kumkum)

Kumkum Title Silent Bg Score 1

Sumit-Kumkum Love Bg Tune 1

Lamhon Ki Meethi Guzarish Hai… (Short Version)

Lamhon Ki Meethi Guzarish Hai… (Extended Version)

Abhay Chauhan’s Simple Bg Tune

Maange Mila Na Tera Pyar Mein Chiin Launga… (Silent Version of Kumkum played on Abhay)

Beete Lamhon Ko Doharaana Uff Kitna Mushkil Hai… (Silent Version of Kumkum)

Chanda’s Bg Tune 1 (Chandaa… Chandaa…)

Raahon Me Zindagi Thi Dard Toh Kam Nahi Hai… (Silent Version of Hum The Unke Sahare Song played on Sumit-Kumkum)

Lamhon Ki Meethi Guzarish Hai… (Extra Version)

Renuka’s Villian Bg Tune

Sumit-Kumkum Love Bg Tune 2

Pyaari Pyaari Surat Hai Meethi Meethi Boli Hai… (Silent Title Version)

Bichade Na Mujhse Tu Aisa Kar Lu… (Silent Bg Version) (Added on 5-11-2016)

Darda Maar Gaya Mera Dil Darda Na Bole… (Silent Bg Version)

Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Gardish Me Doobe Hain Taare Ab Jaane Kya Hoga… (Silent Title Bg Version)

Faasle Badh Gaye Hai Kaisi Yeh Majbooriyaan Hai… (Hum The Jinke Sahaare Bg Version 3)

Ab Alag Ho Gayi Hai Yeh Teri Meri Raahein… (Hum The Jinke Sahaare Bg Version 1)

Hum The Jinke Sahaare Woh Huye Na Hamare… (Silent Bg Version 1) (Kaun Aaya Hai Jaane Darmiyaan Ab Hamare…)

Hum The Unke Sahaare Woh Huye Na Hamare… (Silent Bg Version 2) (Faasle Badh Gaye Hain Kaisi Yeh Majbooriyaan Hai…)

Iss Kadar Ho Gaye Dil Ke Tukde Mere… (Silent Bg Version)

Kabhi Dil Se Jaana Na… (Silent Bg Version 1) (Yaad Aaye Woh Pal Palkein Bhar Aati Hai…)

Kabhi Dil Se Jaana Na… (Silent Bg Version 2) (Teri Hasi Yunhi Honthon Pe Khilti Rahe…)

Koi Raah Aisi Nikle Saahil Na Choote… (Silent Bg Version)

Maathe Ka Kumkum Rooth Na Jaaye Haathon Se Tera Daaman Chooth Na Jaaye… (Silent Bg Version)

Kumkum Title Silent Instrumental Humming Bg Version 2 (Family Silent Bg Tune)

Kumkum Title Silent Version Bg Score (Male Version) (Har Pal Tumne Sawaara Hai…)

Ho Gayi Parayi Har Nazar Apne Huye Begaane… (Silent Title Bg Version) (Added on 7-11-2016)

Har Pal Kyun Hote Hai Sitam.. (Silent Female Title Bg Version) (Added on 26-11-2016)

Har Bojh Maine Hai Sahaa Jeevan Ka Hass Hasske.. (Silent Title Bg Version) (Added on 7-1-2017)

Har Pal Yeh Hote Hai Sitam Jaane Kyu Kumkum Pe.. (Silent Title Bg Version)

Rootha Hai Jeevan Ka Singarr Kumkum Se.. (Silent Title Bg Version)



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Note 2 : Please request the Songs/Tunes with aired dates or Episode number if possible send the exact timings too..

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