Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Dramatic Bg Tune 2

Balbir Bebeh’s Happy Bg Tune 1

Dramatic Bg Tune 3 (Added on 15-11-2016)

Dramatic Bg Tune 4

Dramatic Bg Tune 5

Balbir Bebeh’s Happy Bg Tune 2 (Added on 27-11-2016)

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Dramatic Bg Tune (Sameer is in front of Purab)

Meher Kaur’s Happy Bg Tune 1

Meher Kaur’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Meher Kaur’s Silent Humming Bg Version (Sameer ignores Meher)

Nadaan Parinde Title Bg Humming Fast as well as Slow Male Version

Nadaan Parinde Title Bg Humming Slow Female Version

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 3 (Added on 7-1-2017)

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 4

Haaye Rabba Fast Bg Tune (Short)

Iqbal-Meher’s Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Meher’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Yaa Maula BGM 1

Balbir Bebeh’s Fast Silent Bg Tune (Added on 13-1-2017)

Balbir Bebeh’s Happy & Silent Bg Tune

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 5

Balbir Bebeh’s Silent Bg Tune 6

Dramatic Bg Tune 6

Dramatic Bg Tune 7

Dramatic Bg Tune 8

Dramatic Bg Tune 9

Dramatic Bg Tune 10

Iqbal’s Villanious Bg Tune

Sameer (Pazama Singh’s) Bg Tune

Traitor Iqbal Marries Meher Bg Tune

Ya Maula Soft Bg Score

Maayein Haaye Ve Rabba Bg Tune (Silent) (Added on 21-1-2017)

Fauji Purab Singh’s Bg Tune (Added on 18-2-2017)

Nimmi Kaur’s Bg Tune

Rabba Bg Tune

Balbir Bebeh’s Duet Bg Tune (Added on 19-7-2017)

Happy BGM 1

Meher Kaur’s Entry Bg Tune

Meher-Sameer’s Soft Love Bg Tune

Waheguru Waheguru Enchanting Bg Tune



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Note 2 : Please request the Songs/Tunes with aired dates or Episode number if possible send the exact timings too..

26 comments on “Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja – Life Ok Serial Song Downloads

  • Hii ,How r u ?
    Show-Nadaan Parinde -Ghar Aaja.
    Dramatic Tune1-S.Timing-00:05–00:32.
    Dramatic Tune2-S.Timing-02:57–04:05.
    Dramatic Tune3-S.Timing-07:32–07:53.
    Balbir Bebeh Happy Music-19:12–19:33.
    Please Sir Zee Upload these bgm soon.

  • Nadaan Parinde :-Episode-42.
    Balbir Bebeh Sad Bgm1-S.Time 13:48To13:60.
    Balbir Bebeh Sad Bgm2-S.Time

    Nadaan Parinde~Life ok
    Episode:-44 ,Dated:-05-June-2014.
    Humming Fast Male Version Nadaan Parinde:-S.Time:-00:34 To 03:08.
    Balbir Gill Sad Bgm-03-S.Time-03:28To04:26
    Humming Slow Female version-S.Time04:28 To 05:09.
    Balbir Bebeh Happy Bg Tune02-S.Time-10:00 To10:27.
    Meher Kaur Sad Bgm1-S.Time-14:35To14:52.(Sameer Insults Meher)
    Meher Kaur Happy Bgm1-S.Time-19:50To20:25.
    Meher Kaur Sad Humming Version Bgm1-S.Time-21:34 To 22:07.(Sameer Singh Ignores Meher)
    Dramatic Bgm-S.Time-22:08 To 22:28(Sameer is Front of Purab In Next Episode).
    plz Sir Zee Upload these All Bgm.Thank you Vadda Jeha.

  • °°°°Nadaan Parinde °°°°
    Epi=89 Dated=07-August-2014
    Iqbal&Meher Kaur Fast Instrument Bg1=04:46to05:11
    Meher Kaur Sadness Bg1=07:58to08:10
    Dramatic Tune1=21:18to21:49

    ÷÷÷÷Nadaan Parinde÷÷÷÷
    Epi:-92 Dated:-12-July-2014
    Balbir Bebeh Heart Touching Scene Bgm1=00:04to00:38
    Yaa Maula Bgm1=03:01to03:36(Balbir Kaur Goes To Dargah)
    Balbir Bebeh Sadness1=05:01to05:14
    Haye Rabba Bgm1=05:22to05:46
    Dramatic Tune1=10:08to10:37
    plz Sir upload it all.

  • DeaR Lovable Manish(Admin)..
    Wish You A Cute Wala New Year-2017.
    Best Of Luck——
    Meet Manish,A Man Who Made You Fall In Love With Music,Bg Tunes&Songs.
    He Makes You Funny With Life With New Posts&Re-Posts.

    &He Will Make You Fall In Laugh With Life By New Bg tunes,Songs & Ur choiceable Music.
    Thanks You So Much SiR,
    From:~Big-Fan Of ATG.Com Website,
    Manjit Singh My Baapu Ji,
    Balbir Kaur My Bebeh,
    Vandan Kaur My Sister,
    Vipan Kaur My Sister,
    Dilpreet Singh Myself.

    Again Congrates For New YeaR From:–Kahlon Family.

  • Hello Friends,,Hows u all?
    Serial~Nadaan Parinde..,
    Epi:-41 Dated=02-June-2014.
    Sameer(Pazama Singh) Sad Bg1=00:25to01:18
    Balbir Bebeh Heart Touching Scene Bg1=02:31to03:05.
    Balbir Bebeh Happy Bgm1=06:48to07:19
    Balbir Bebeh Sad Bg1=09:53to10:22
    Balbir Kaur Bravery Bgm1=14:24to15:08(Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha Fast Bgm).
    Balbir Bebeh Sad Bg2=17:33to18:00
    Meher Sad Fast Bg1=19:33to20:05

    Okay!!!! Manish Veer Zee,Plz Upload it Fast,Special Wait For Balbir Kaur’s Brave Bg Music.Plz check it & posted it.

  • Life Ok Blockbuster Show~~~
    ~~~~~~Nadaan Parinde——
    Epi:-77 Dt=22-July-2014
    Dramatic Tune1=00:51to01:27
    Dramatic Tune2=16:28to16:44

    Episode:-78 Dt=23-July-2014.
    Balbir Bebeh Fast Sad Bg1=04:49to05:32.
    Dramatic Tune1=13:06to13:54
    Dramatic Tune2=14:01to15:26.
    Traitor Iqbal Marries Meher Bg1=15:33to17:00.
    Balbir Kaur Shocked To Seeing Meher’s Red Sindoor In Her Head Bg1=18:17to19:14.

    Life Ok…Serial **Nadaan Parinde***
    Epi:–79 Dt=24-July-2014.
    Traitor Iqbal Bg1=08:47to09:21
    Dramatic Tune1=13:02to13:22
    Nimmi&Channi Sings Paani Waar Banne Diye Maayein Short Song1=20:01to20:38.
    Iqbal Challenges Balbir Bg1=20:41to22:04

    okay!!! Manish Bhaazi,,please upload it all its my humble request.

  • Nadaan Parinde~Life Ok……
    Epi:-31 Dt=19-May-2014.
    Maayien Haaye Ve Rabba Slow Very Sad Bgm1=16:34To17:36.
    Plz Sir Zee,Upload It Fast.
    Ur Big Fan,

  • °°°°Nadaan Parinde°°°°
    Epi:–36 Dt:–26th-May-2014
    Purab Singh Fauji Bg1=00:05to00:54
    Nimmi Kaur Bg1=03:15to03:32
    Balbir Bebeh Tensed Fast Bg=04:24to04:48
    Balbir Bebeh Flute Sad Bg1=14:16to14:33.
    Yehi Sapna Hai Tera Song1=11:53to13:02
    Haaye Ve Rabba Sad Fast Bg1=21:12to21:55(Balbir looks sameer is in army soldier uniform)

    Okay!!!Sir,Plz add this all as soon as fast.

  • ### Thankz Alot Sir Aap Ji Waapis Aaye Ho !! Rabb Ji Tuhaanu Chardikala Ch Rakhan !!!!!!

    Nadaan Parinde Life Ok
    Epi:-01 Dt;-07-04-2014
    Border Bg1 :- 00:04 To 00:45
    Meher Kaur Entry Bg1:-06:41 To 07:19

    ****Nadaan Parinde****
    Epi:-02 Dt:-08-04-2014
    Balbir Bebeh Humming sad Bg1:-08:32to 09:06
    Balbir Bebeh Brave Women Bg1:-15:05 To 15:32
    Gurudwara Sahib Bg1=16:07to 16:40

    %%%Nadaan Parinde%%%
    Epi:-18 Dt:-30-04-2014
    Nadaan Parinde Happy Bg1:-07:35to07:51
    Dramatic Bg1=17:28to18:06
    Dramatic Bg2=18:32to19:27
    Meher&Sameer Silent Love Bg1=21:45to22:03
    Please Sir Ji,Updates these all bgm soon !!
    Big Fan Of

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