Pavitra Rishta Title Song (Aasman me jabtak sitare rahenge…)

Pida Maajha Ya Manaachi Koni Ithe Naa Jaanli… (marathi silent song of Archana)

Pavitra Rishta Fast Humming Title Bg Score 1

Pavitra Rishta Fast Humming Title Bg Score 2

Instrumental Bg Tune 1

Instrumental Bg Tune 2

Varshu-Satish’s Romantic Bg Tune 1

Archana’s Entry Bg Tune

Archana’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Archana-Manav’s Silent Bg Score 1 (Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya song Fem Version)

Archana-Manav’s Happy Bg Score 2 (Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya Song Fem Happy Version)

Arjun’s Entry Bg Tune (In Garrage)

Manav’s Tension Bg Tune

Manjusha’s Entry Bg Tune (Archana’s Vahini)

Manjusha’s Godbharaai Bg Tune

Marriage Bg Tune 1 (Short)

Pavitra Rishta Mix Bg Tunes

Purvi’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Salochana’s Happy Bg Tune 1 (Archana’s Aai)

Savita’s Funny Bg Tune (Manav’s Aai)

Silent Bg Score tune 1 (used for Archu & her Sisters)

Silent Humming Bg Tune 1 (used in Tension)

Title Song Humming Bg Score In Flute Version (Happy Version)

Title Song In Silent Bg Humming Tune (Silent Version)

Jai Durge Maa Namo Namo Instrumental Bg Tune

Manav as a Successful Businessmen’s Entry Bg Tune

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Silent Bg Tune 1

Varshu-Satish’s Romantic Bg Tune 2

Sweet Humming Comedy Bg Tune

Archana-Manav’s Bg Score 2 (Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya Song Fem in Happy Version)

Salochana’s Happy Bg Tune 1

Salochana’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Arjun-Purvi-Ovi Triangle Bg Tune

Arjun’s Mom’s Bg Tune

Chaali Koyal Saasari Bidaai Song (Played at the time of Purvi’s Marriage)

Sachin’s childhood Bg Tune

Archana’s Attachment Bg Tune (With her Daughters)

Comedy Bg Tune

Ghaalin Lotangan Bg Score

Ganesh Aarti bg Score (Shendur Lal Chadhayo… Male Version)

Arjun-Purvi’s First Eyesight Bg Tune

Varshu’s Silent Bg Tune (Archana’s Sister)

Varshu’s Happy Bg Tune

Archana’s Birthday Bg Tune

Instrumental Bg Tune

Jai Durge Maa Namo Namo Aarti of Durga Maa

Happy Family Bg Tune 1

Salochana’s Happy Bg Tune 3

Instrumental Bg Tune 2

Funny Bg Tune

Ovi’s Silent Bg Tune

Arjun’s Happy Bg Tune 2

Happy Family Bg Tune 2

Damodar’s Silent Bg Tune (Manav’s Father)

Archana Sings a Lori for her Grand Daughter bg Score (Swapna Lok Se aa Pankh Lagake…)

Arjun-Purvi’s Instrumental Bg Tune (Kitani Mohabbat Hai fem)

Purvi’s Tensed Bg Tune

Ekdantaay Vighnamahe Vakratundaay Bg Mantra

Manav’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Manav-Archana’s Silent Bg Tune

Tension Bg Tune 2

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Silent Bg Tune

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Happy Bg Tune

Instrumental Bg Tune 3

Pavitra Rishta Title Song In Instrumental Version

Manav as a Big Business Tycoon Bg Tune

Tension Bg Tune 3

Salochana-Archana’s Attachment Short Bg Tune

Vaishali’s Happy Bg Tune (Archana’s Sister)

Vaishali’s Silent Bg Tune

Pia Ovis Entry Bg Tune

Arjun-Purvi’s Cute Bg Tune 1

Archana-Manav’s Sweet Silent Bg Tune (De-Re-Re Bg Score Extended Tune)

Manjusha’s Villian Bg Tune (Instrumental Tune)

Salochana’s Silent Bg Tune

Instrumental Dhol Version Bg Tune

Archana’s Tension Bg Tune

Silent Humming Bg Tune (Family Tension Bg Tune)

Instrumental Humming Bg Tune

Pia’s Cute Bg Tune

Sarva Mangal Maangalye Marriage Bg Mantra Score Tune 

Varsha’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Arjun-Purvi’s Cute Bg Tune (La La La…)

Manav’s Happy Bg Tune

Archana’s Daughter’s Daughter’s Happy Bg Tune (Full Bg Tune)

Archana’s Attachment Bg Tune with her Daughters Cute Bg Tune

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Bg Tune 1

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Bg Tune 2

Arjun-Purvi’s Sweet Bg Tune 3

Gauri’s Happy Bg Tune

Instrumental Humming Chorus Version Bg Tune (Dhoom Tana Na Na…)

Karmanye Vadhi Ka Raste Maa Phaleshu Kada Chana Bg Mantra Instrumental Tune

Naren Karmarkar’s Silent Bg Tune

Onir Dutt’s Happy Bg Tune 1

Ovi’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Purvi’s Happy Bg Tune 1

Purvi’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya Song Happy Version 2 (Played on Archana-Manav)

Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya Song Happy Extended Version (Played on Archana-Manav)

Pavitra Rishta Title Silent Humming Bg Tune 1

Pavitra Rishta Title Silent Humming Bg Tune 2

Varsha’s Silent Bg Tune 3

Wedding Dhol Bg Tune

Onir-Purvi’s Cute Bg Tune

Arjun-Purvi’s Silent Bg Tune 1

Ovi’s Instrumental Bg Tune (Short)

Purvi’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Instrumental Silent Bg Tune (Short version)

Archana-Manav’s Silent Bg Tune 2

Salochana’s Silent Bg Tune 2 (Extended Bg Tune)

PR Dramatic Bg Tune 1

PR Dramatic Bg Tune 2

Soham-Gauri’s Cute Bg Tune 1

Ankita’s Instrumental Bg Tune

Naren-Pari’s Romantic Bg Tune 1 (Short)

Naren-Pari’s Silent Romantic Bg Tune

PR Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Karan-Shikha’s Eyesight Sweet Bg Tune

Aashna’s Entry Bg Tune (Added on 3-8-2017)

BGM Mantra 1

Purvi’s Silent BGM 1

Archana’s Bg Tune (Short)

Rasika Tai’s Villanious Bg Tune

Triyambakam Yajamahe Bg Mantra Tune



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